Smart Orchestra


The SMART Orchestra is dedicated to enriching the lives of the citizens of San Marcos through the orchestral experience. Such a mission is accomplished through our community concert series, public rehearsals, educational outreach, internship programs and much more.

The SMART Orchestra is designed to be an outlet for every individual interested in the study and performance of string instruments and we welcome you to find your unique contribution to the orchestra in helping us to meet our goals. Whether you are a member of our audience or performing in the SMART viola section your enthusiasm and curiosity are welcome in a environment of acceptance and growth.

We are so pleased that you are interested in the SMART Orchestra and we encourage you to explore the information we have provided about our organization on this website and contact us with any questions.


Performer of the Month

Johanna Hein

Johanna's adventure with the harp began about nine years ago when she attended a local concert and saw a real “live” harp for the first time. She loved the physical beauty of the harp and the heavenly music it produced.  This prompted a search for a teacher and she found Delaine Fedson Leonard. Delaine has inspired us with the idea that “Every Child Can.” Every child can play an instrument beautifully and every child can have the opportunity to play an instrument if they have the desire to learn. Delaine’s life goal is to create an awareness of the beauty of harp, to train teachers to teach harp, and to create string projects and organizations to financially help children learn to play a harp. Johanna likes these goals and is excited to see where they take her as she continues her harp study and as she plans her future of performing and teaching harp.